Inside Kirkcaldy’s cinema so badly decayed after 24 years it cannot be saved

You only need to take one step inside the doors to see first hand the extent of the mess Kirkcaldy’s former cinema is in. It is now so bad, that it is effectively out of bounds completely - the huge volume of pigeon guano alone makes it extremely hazardous.

These pictures were taken two years ago when we were taken on a tour from the basement to the roof to show the sheer scale of the work needed to salvage a venue that has sat locked up and forgotten about for 24 years.

The decline since then has been sharp - we can only imagine the state it is in with huge holes in the side of the roof opening the building up to pigeons once again, and exposing it to the worst of the elements.

The building’s days are numbered - it’s as simple as that, but bringing it down will be a tricky operation as it butts on to flats, is next to businesses, and towers above the Kings Theatre on the Esplanade.

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