Kinghorn Community Library hosts satirical art exhibition by Cold War Steve

A new crowdfunded art exhibition has been launched in Kinghorn Community Library that showcases the work of satirical UK artist, Cold War Steve.

By Darren Gibb
Monday, 10th January 2022, 11:09 am

Also known as Christopher Spencer, he is an artist from Birmingham who specialises in surreal, satirical and hilarious collages that was originally made on his phone and iPad.

In the spring of 2020, Cold War Steve set out to launch his new exhibition project, with the premise being to engage a global audience with the help of communities across the world.

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The art exhibition takes a satirical look at politicians and personalities.

The International Exhibition of the People was curated prior to 2020 and includes references to politicians and personalities of that time.

The artist encouraged communities, businesses, and venues across the world to download and display his work, which takes a comical look aimed at political life in the UK.

Two of the library’s supporters, Ritchie Feenie and Ewen Campbell, organised the event in order to connect Kinghorn with this global event.

A small, local crowdfunding exercise took place within the town early in 2020 to pay for the materials needed to create the display, and very quickly the funding target was met.

Ewen Campbell, exhibition organiser, said: “Kinghorn Community Library is one of many venues that is hosting The International Exhibition of the People.

"We are joining a truly global network, that includes venues within Brussels, Falkland Islands, Madrid, Washington State, London, Los Angeles and Sri Lanka, to name but a few.

"We think Kinghorn sits very comfortably within this company!”

Lindsey Campbell, Kinghorn Community Library committee member, said: “We are all very excited by this exhibition, particularly as it brings something very different to our community library, and was arranged and funded by people from Kinghorn themselves.

"Kinghorn Community Library is entirely volunteer run, and while we have organised local lectures, music and poetry evenings, as well as continuing to run Bookbugs and other social groups as and when COVID regulations allow, this art exhibition is another fine example of what our library can provide for our community.”

Lindsey adds, “The Cold War Steve exhibition will run to February 5, following the normal opening hours of the library.”