Kirkcaldy leisure centre drops price to compete with PureGym

Kirkcaldy Leisure Centre is to discount its membership in order to compete with new private gym moving into town.

Tuesday, 4th February 2020, 5:48 pm
Kirkcaldy Leisure Centre (Pic: Fife Photo Agency)

Prices at the Esplanade facility are to be dropped ahead of PureGyms opening in the former Norman Rollo garage on Abbotshall Road.

Fife Sports and Leisure Trust confirmed the action at this week’s meeting of Fife Council’s environment, finance and communities scrutiny committee.

The comes after the private gym impacted on the trust’s facilities when it opened in Dunfermline.

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Wendy Watson, chief operating officer for Fife Sport and Leisure Trust, said: We expect the same to happen when it opens in Kirkcaldy – and alack of car parking at Carnegie and Kirkcaldy doesn’t help us.

“We have got some people back because the PureGyms don’t have swimming pools.”
The trust’s plan is to pilot a price match with PureGym.

Added Mrs Watson: “It will only be available at the Kirkcaldy centre, so users will have to choose between the cheaper prices or the ability to use all the other gyms, like Michael Woods.

“We’re going to test it and see if it makes any difference.”

The reduced prices will be advertised both online and in the Kirkcaldy gym.