Leven mum drops five stone in her life-changing weight loss journey

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A footballing mum from Leven has dropped five stone and scored a goal in her weight loss journey.

In 2017 Siobhan Lister changed jobs while her 10-year relationship ended, with her 30th birthday approaching.

“It was quite a time and I was feeling a little lost,” she said. “I was unhappy with how I looked and felt. I had zero confidence and just wanted to hide away.”

But this was not the life Siobhan (32) wanted for her or her two boys, so in September 2017, she walked into her local Weight Watchers workshop.

“I felt awful, I just didn’t want to be there,” she said. “I was scared to stand on the scales. My weight had been up and down my whole life and I didn’t actually really believe that I could do it.

“I shouldn’t have worried, the members were lovely and so was my coach, Jill.

“I didn’t quite realise it at the time but walking through the doors changed my life. It was a huge achievement.”

Not only has Siobhan dropped five dress sizes, she also now plays for the East Community Ladies five-a-side team.

“A few of the mums decided to start a football team, so mums could play while they wait for their kids,” she explained.

“If I hadn’t taken control back in my life, I would have stayed on the sidelines – not only on football night, but also in my life. Now I am enjoying taking part and I have my very own football boots and kit.”

So what is the secret to such an amazing weight loss? “Just follow the plan, it really works,” said Siobhan.

“You learn how to eat well but without depriving yourself. You really get to understand how to work food the best way for you.

“It isn’t just about weight-loss, it is so much more. As the lbs fell off I started to find me again and my confidence started to soar.

“If you were thinking about starting, do it.”