New trail race to take in site of historic pistol duel

Mark Buchan of Kirkcaldy Wizards at the Corrie Centre, where the Last Duel Trail race will start.
Mark Buchan of Kirkcaldy Wizards at the Corrie Centre, where the Last Duel Trail race will start.

Organisers of a new race will be gunning for success with a route that takes in the historic site of Scotland’s final pistol duel.

The Last Duel Trail Race aims to put Cardenden on the map for runners, offering a range of different terrains throughout the course.

Now organisers Fife AC and Kirkcaldy Wizards are looking for entrants and potential sponsors to come forward to be part of the inaugural race.

The 5.5-mile run will be open to everyone aged 16 or older when the starting pistol is fired on Sunday, October 20.

Behind the race are Kirkcaldy’s Mark Buchan and Jimmy Mcintyre, who recently completed the Paras 10, a gruelling race undertaken with heavy backpacks, to raise money for charity.

Mark said that the run would help the local economy in Cardenden and help put it on the map.

He said: “We’ve been wanting to do this for ages.

“The idea came when we were out for a run, and I liked the route, the scenery is fantastic.

“I wondered why there isn’t a race here.

“With the Kirkcaldy half-marathon, it’s putting the town on the map, so I think this could help Cardenden, especially with the fantastic woods right next to it.”

The Co-Op are donating bottled water, but more backers and potential sponsors are welcome to get involved.

The race offers a mixture of quickly-changing terrains, starting on a gravel path through farm tracks and into Cardenden woods.

It is said that experienced hill and trail runners will not be disappointed.

It offers 200 spaces, and costs £14.50 for entry or £12.50 for club members, and every entrant will be awarded a medal after crossing the finishing line.

To enter or find out more, go to

The story behind the historic duel

A plague near Cardenden marks the site of the last duel in Scotland , which took place in 1826, between George Morgan and David Landale.

It came about when Morgan began bad-mouthing the business of his client Landale. He hit Landale with an umberella on Kirkcaldy High Street, prompting the duel.

Landale, the reluctant dueller, shot Morgan dead.