Pet tortoise stolen from Fife enclosure


Police are investigating after a pet tortoise was stolen from her enclosure.

Masie is described as being eight years old, 1224g and with a 19cm-long shell.

Owner Michelle Mackie said her pet disappeared from her garden enclosure in Kinghorn last week.

On Tuesday it was noticed that Masie was missing.

Michelle said: “I discovered she was gone on Tuesday. They get put in a shed over night and I let them out in the morning.

“They’re all rescues, I’ve never paid for them, it’s just sentiment and the fact that I’ve cared for them.

“Her own er gave her to me in February because she believed that she wasn’t able to care for her.

“I’ve had to let her know as she had entrusted her with me and I’ve lost her, I felt really bad.

“It’s not nice to know someone’s taken her. Kinghorn’s just a small town so you don’t expect that to happen here.

“It could be that someone has bought her not knowing she was stolen. She has identifiable markings, so I would know it was Masie if I saw her again.”

Masie also has some underlying health problems which need treatment urgently, so Michelle is hopeful that she can be returned soon.

“I wouldn’t want anyone who was thinking of keeping her that they could just treat her as she needs certain vitamins. Without it she could get ill again.”

And she appealed to anyone who might have Masie to do the right thing.

“Tortoises go missing, and sometimes they are found just a few gardens down, but the likelihood is that she wouldn’t be able to escape her enclosure.

“My kids are hoping that she just turns up some day, so it’d be lovely if the person had a change of heart and just brought her back and placed her somewhere close by where she could be found.”

A spokesman for Police Scotland said: “Police in Fife are investigating following a report that a tortoise was stolen from an address in Baliol Street in Kinghorn.

“The incident is believed to have happened overnight between Monday, July 15, and Tuesday July 16.

“Inquiries are ongoing and anyone with information is asked to come forward.”

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