Plan to open ‘wee libraries’ around Fife village

Tanja Franz with the second of the 'wee libraries'.
Tanja Franz with the second of the 'wee libraries'.

A new small library scheme in Buckhaven is encouraging people to read.

The ‘wee libraries’, small wooden boxes filled with books, have been created by environmental group CLEAR, with the second one opened at College Street park.

People can take books home or just sit and read in the park. There are plans to open one in every playground and park in the area, with the third one set to be opened at the park in Sandwell Street.

“Councillor Ryan Smart and I were talking about how bad it is to see people always on the phone, even families,” explained Buckhaven volunteer and outreach manager, Tanja Franz.

“He had seen a telephone box down in England, which is being used as a library. I saw one in America. I thought that would be easy to do.

“We just want to get people reading again.”

The first one was opened last year, and Tanja said it was a success.

“We saw mums, dads and grandparents reading books to the children,” she said. “It was so awesome. The kids really enjoyed it.”

The group secured funding to create more of the boxes.

CLEAR hopes to get local schools and nurseries involved in the project, designing their own ‘wee libraries’.

The organisation would then be able to create a map so people could visit all the libraries in the area. A competition would also be held so people could vote for their favourite.

People are being urged to donate books to be used in the libraries.