Plans for major refurbishment at Leuchars Station

Johnston Press
Plans have been submitted to facilitate the redevelopment of Leuchars Station into an Army base.

The plans are part of a project to provide assets and facilities for the Army regiments which have been or will be moved to the former RAF base.

The plans would see the creation of more workshop and office space, with the developments taking place in the buildings north of the runway.

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If approved by Fife Council, building 200 will undergo refurbishment to provide a centralised vehicle testing facility; building 201 will be demolished and replaced with a new building, to be used as a workshop and welfare facility; building 209, an aircraft hangar, will be refurbished to create a workshop space; building 55 will be refurbished to provide sufficient electrical power infrastructure; two other aircraft hangars will be refurbished; building 374 will be turned into office space; and building 56 will be turned into a central logistics hub.

The base was officially opened in 1920 and was a main operating base for Typhoons prior to becoming home to a number of Army regiments.

Leuchars Station is the new base for the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, the Royal Engineers and a Military Police Unit, whilst also currently retaining some Royal Air Force personnel.

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