Popular Fife woodland used as den for teens and for fly-tipping

A piece of woodland near a popular north east Fife path is being used as a fly-tipping hotspot and den for local teens, with rubbish picking volunteers collecting almost 100 bags of trash.

Monday, 3rd May 2021, 9:05 am
Some of the rubbish collected.

A band of dedicated volunteers cleaned out the area of woodland on the Moor Path, between Cupar and Ceres, last month, picking up enough trash to fill 98 bags, which Fife Council then collected and disposed.

One of the team said teens are using the woodland after school, smashing bottles, leaving rubbish, damaging trees and lighting fires, leading to concerns that a major fire could break out.

Amy Hoey, who organised the clean up through the Fife Street Champions Facebook page, said: “I don’t know when it started but I know that anti-social behaviour has increased in the woods since lockdown.

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"It’s horrific in there. Teens are going there in the evening – they are smashing bottles and leaving rubbish.

“I organised the event through the Fife Street Champions for volunteers to come and clean it up. We filled 70 bags on the day. We were exhausted."

Amy then returned with some of her colleagues following a busy day at work to collect the remaining 28 bags.

Another site on the path, closer to the main road, has been used for fly-tipping, with tyres, bits of cars and rubbish dumped.

However, she said this was not linked to the teens and was a separate issue.

"There are a lot of volunteers and dog walkers who are doing their best to clean it up,” Amy added.

Kirstie Freeman, safer communities manager with Fife Council, said: "We're happy to be able to help and uplift the rubbish collected as part of the community clean up.

"Our Safer Communities Officers will be carrying out extra patrols in the area, along with colleagues from Police Scotland. We're also looking to work with local schools to encourage responsible behaviour of outdoor spaces. Where appropriate, we'll consider whether putting up signs might also help.

"We'd encourage people to report any further issues they may come across by emailing [email protected] or calling 03451 555555 446161."

Find out more about Fife Street Champions at – www.facebook.com/Fifestreetchampions.