Recycling centre closed over ‘human remains’ fears

The incident happened at Lochgelly Recycling Centre.
The incident happened at Lochgelly Recycling Centre.

Police closed a Fife recycling centre after the discovery of what appeared to be human remains in a skip.

The incident saw Lochgelly Recycling Centre turn away members of the public while police were contacted.

A member of the public alerted staff after seeing bones in a skip which may have been human legs, however, police forensics quickly found that it was merely bones from a deer with a pair of trainers stuck on.

One council source, who did not wish to be named, said: “Apparently a man saw some bones in a container.

“He told our staff it looked like leg bones with a pair of old scabby trainers on.

“The fear was it could have been a homeless person.

“The police came and took some pictures and sent them to forensics, who came back and said the remains were likely deer bones.

“The centre was shut for around an hour.

“They had to turn the public away and just tell them ‘there had been an incident’.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson, said: “Following expert examination of the bones found at the Lochgelly Recycling Centre it has now been confirmed that the bones are not in fact human, and are possibly from a deer.”

Simon Young, Fife Council Service Manager said: “Our recycling centre at Lochgelly was closed for a short period of time on Sunday to allow Police Scotland to investigate reports of a suspicious item in one of the bins.

“There were no suspicious items found and the centre was quickly re-opened.”

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