Residents in Fife coastal village concerned over spike in number of visitors

Residents in a Levenmouth village have raised concerns about a sudden spike in the number of people visiting the area.
West Wemyss. Pic: Google.West Wemyss. Pic: Google.
West Wemyss. Pic: Google.

Residents in West Wemyss said people have been flooding to the village since lockdown was eased and that, at times, both car parks have been full, with some motorists parking in the village green.

“Last weekend there were more than 20 cars on the grass,”Blair Denwette said.

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“Local people were not able to get out for a walk because the path was packed.”

While the lockdown has been eased, social distancing rules are still in place.

However, residents have claimed that some people have been ignoring the rules, and fear that they or other people might become infected because of the lack of distancing.

“We went out for a walk with the dog and there were about seven or eight adults and 14 toddlers coming towards us,” Blair added.

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“They were all playing together. I was terrified something would happen and they might get infected.

“It’s been particularly bad at the weekends. The car parks were full.”

Blair continued: “For a wee village that usually doesn’t get a lot of visitors, we’ve been getting lots.

Walkers and cyclists are not keeping a safe distance.

People are not just disregarding the rules, they are disregarding other people.

“It’s happening all over the East Neuk, not just here.”

Current rules state people should only meet with folk from one other house when out for exercise.

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