Residents in Fife villages sing and dance for Facebook video

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Residents in three villages have been waving, dancing and singing along to ‘Here Comes the Sun’ to keep spirits high during the lockdown.

Amy Ritchie asked members of the Lundin Links and Largo Community Facebook page to share videos of them having fun, and made a compilation, with the Beatles song playing in the background.

People quickly sent in their clips, singing, dancing and waving, with some wearing costumes.

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“Everybody was on board and excited to be taking part,” said Amy.

“I was delighted with the response. I got all the clips and started putting it together.

“Everyone is finding it hard so I wanted to do something that could bring everyone together. I’ve watched it about 40 times. It’s so uplifting.”

The Facebook page, where people share information about what is happening in the three villages, has been filled with positive and uplifting stories in the past few weeks, whether it is people donating items for the local foodbank or a musical performance.

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“I felt when I moved here that there was a real community spirit,” said Amy, who has lived in Lundin Links for the last four years.

“Everyone is accommodating and people sacrifice their time to help others.

“Everybody has gone above and beyond.”

While people were eager to share their clips, including local councillor Colin Davidson, some were more difficult than others.

Amy praised the owners of Lily’s Larder, Andy’s Shop and the Premier in Lundin Links for their work during the crisis, however, she said it was challenging to get a video of the latter, Zaphar Iqbal.

“It was a hard job getting Zaphar,” Amy said.

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“I ran out with a camera and got him to give us a wave. He doesn’t look for praise and is really humble.”

Amy, who makes an appearance in the video, dancing like a “plonker”, said she plans on making more videos in the future.

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