Song tribute to 600-year-old Fife bridge

Bridge at Guardbridge.
Bridge at Guardbridge.

A primary school has teamed up a local choir to perform a song celebrating a north east Fife anniversary.

Guardbridge resident Bill Wilson pencilled a song, The Pilgrim’s Way, inspired by the 600th anniversary of the Old Eden Bridge.

The bridge was built in 1419 to give pilgrims easier passage to St Andrews, allowing them to pay tribute to the country’s patron saint.

The song also celebrates Guardbridge as the site of a pilgrimage station where the pilgrims could stay prior to taking there final walk into St Andrews.

The song was performed at Guardbridge Primary School this week by a choir made up of P6/7 pupils and members of the ‘A Choired Taste’ from Tayport.

“This year is the 600th anniversary, but there has been no celebration,” said Bill.

“I feel nobody has come and celebrated the fact – and that is very poor. If there was a 600th anniversary in St Andrews, it would be shouted from the rooftops.”

Bill also wrote the song because he feels that the village has ‘lost its sense of identity’, citing the closure of the paper mill, the work on the University’s Eden Campus, and the major housing development which could triple the size of Guardbridge.

Bill has recorded the song with the pupils and the choir members and hopes to release a CD in the future, with the profits from the sales of the CD going back to the primary school.

“We hope to release and a CD and hope the local community will buy it,” said Bill.