Songwriter pens lament for Fife’s lost mining industry

Edward Burns has penned a song about the loss of Fife's coal mining industry.
Edward Burns has penned a song about the loss of Fife's coal mining industry.

A songwriter was so moved by the loss of Fife’s coal mining industry that he penned a lament about it.

Edward Burns has been walking the Fife Pilgrim Way and has so far made three videos about the experience.

As part of his research for the walk he looked into the region’s coal mining industry and felt sad about what he discovered.

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Edward, who lives in Glasgow, said: “I’m walking the Fife Pilgrim Way just a day at a time, perhaps every couple of weeks or so simply as a day out.

“Footage for the video is recorded on that one day of walking.

“As part of my research, I looked into the area’s coal mining history and was pretty saddened at the loss of something that was responsible for giving rise to so many of the area’s towns.

“I wrote and played a song (‘Where Have They All Gone?’) which I included at the end of the video.

“I make music at home, as a hobby, but the music that accompanies the videos is usually instrumental.

“In discovering the extent of the coal mining industry I was probably quite shocked, and perhaps wanted to create words to the music that echoed the loss not just of coal mines and employment, but of whole villages that were wiped out.

“The total destruction of the industry definitely had an effect on me, and I wanted to put something down in words and music that would help me understand the loss that Fife has experienced.

“My hope is that it will inspire others to walk these many beautiful paths.”

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