Spirit of Kirkcaldy posters raise funds for local charities

Susan McGill has designed the posters.Susan McGill has designed the posters.
Susan McGill has designed the posters.
A Fife artist is raising funds for two charities in the Langtoun with posters which use the words of a famous Kirkcaldy song to encourage people to stay at home.

Susan McGill has already sold more than 400 of the prints, which bear the slogan “I’d rather stay home in Kirkcaldy”.

The old song, enjoyed by Raith and Flyers fans alike, has long been sung proudly in Kirkcaldy, but Susan has now turned the lyrics into a stylish poster, which helps the Cottage Centre and the local foodbank.

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With just a week to go until sales close, the posters are being sold online for £20, and Susan didn’t realise just how popular they would be.

Susan explained where the idea came from.

She said: “I found myself in the house and I just wondered if everyone was feeling the same way I was.

“The idea of ‘I’d rather stay home in Kirkcaldy’ – the song just seemed to match so well that I thought it had to be done.

“It’s very much a Kirkcaldy thing, and it felt like it was bringing it back home, because we’ve all sung it at some point.”

Susan also explained why she chose the two charities.

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“I realised that this is going to be such a horrendous period for all these charities in Kirkcaldy.

“I very much believe that if you live in a place, you should support the people who are round your door.

“They really are two great hard-working causes that impact strongly on the environment that my family have grown up in.

“So this was just giving the people an opportunity to buy the print, mark the time period, which is so significant for everybody, and help some good causes.”

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