St Andrews set to host first UK ‘Pop In’ event

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Hundreds of ‘popins’ will take part in dozens of challenges across St Andrews next weekend.

The town will host its first Pop in the City event, a feminine urban race which will see 500 female participants exploring the town while completing the challenges.

The ‘popins’ are split into teams of two, taking part in challenges that are split into five categories – art, charity, culture, extreme and sport – over the course of eight hours.

The event has been held in cities across Europe, but this is the first time it is being held in the UK.

‘Popins’ may attempt a famous Scottish caber toss, meet a passionate craftsman to carve wood, experience falconry in plains running along the wild coast, abseil down the side of a cliff, dance to the sound of the bagpipes, try putting at the Himalaya golf course or have a sip of whisky as they progress from challenge to challenge.

The ‘Popins’ will have to demonstrate curiosity, courage and strategy in order to complete as many challenges as possible.

Clémentine Charles, co-founder of Pop In the City, said: “We are very excited to work on a Scottish Pop In in the beautiful city of St Andrews and create challenges together with locals in order to highlight its charm and history.

“Since we announced St Andrews as the destination, we have received lots of positive feedback from ‘Popins’ who are looking forward to doing a Pop In the City in the UK and are thrilled to come to Scotland.”

Jane Kennedy, BID St Andrews manager, said: “The BID were instrumental in bringing the event to the UK for the first time and hope to introduce this amazing group of urban challengers to the people, the business and the culture of St Andrews and show how much we have to offer in addition to our world famous golf courses.

“Our hope is to develop an emotional bond and legacy with this year’s ‘Popins’ and give them a taste of what Fife, and St Andrews in particular, has to offer and we will anticipate their return in future years as visitors, students and business women alike.”

The University of St Andrews is a key stakeholder and sponsor of the event and will play a major role in the organisation of the race as well as in promoting the architectural heritage and sport culture. Moreover, the University provides accommodation for ‘Popins’.

Debbie Maccallum, chair of Tourism St Andrews, said: “Pop In St Andrews promises to be a key event not only for St Andrews in 2019 but for Fife and for Scotland. We will certainly be able to provide the visiting ‘Popins’ with a wonderful experience and a truly warm welcome which St Andrews is renowned for globally. This is such an exciting event for St Andrews to host and we cannot wait to welcome our Pop In the City challengers.”

Ticket sales for Pop In St Andrews sold out within five days. In each edition, about 70 volunteers come to join the team. Registrations for volunteers are still opened (link here: