St Andrews student releases debut short film about COVID-19 experiences

A St Andrews cinephile and student has released his first short film – looking at how final year university students have been impacted by the coronavirus.

Maths student Rob Stack had been planning on creating his first film and showing it off at the St Andrews Film Festival this summer, before Covid-19 changed his plans – and the plans of all students.

Rob, who, as well as being a member of the film society, is also a member of staff at the New Picture House, decided to make a film looking at how the virus has impacted on final year students. He interviewed seven about their experiences, reflecting on their time in the town and what the future holds for them.

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He also had the support of his friends, who donated videos of the town – before and after it emptied.

“It was upsetting I wasn’t able to say goodbye to them,” said Rob, a third-year student who is now with his parents in Preston.

“I wanted to show their experiences and end on the message ‘you’ve got to make the most of your time’.

“There’s a lot of sadness and disappointment. A lot were upset they weren’t able to say goodbye to their friends.”

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This is the first film that Rob has worked on, although he has done videos for the primary school where his mum works. He hopes to do more films in the future.

“The only thing you could make it on right now is the coronavirus,” he added.

To watch the film, search for Lockdown Film Collective on YouTube.