Taxi firm apologises after driver’s gay slur at Fife Pride

The incident happened at fife Pride.
The incident happened at fife Pride.

The taxi firm which employs a driver who used homophobic language while transporting revellers to Fife Pride on Saturday has apologised.

The incident came to light at the weekend after one man told how a Treble 20 taxi driver asked if they were going to the ‘poof’s party’.

It was also said to be listed in the same way on the driver’s sat nav.

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However, the taxi firm has now apoligised for the incident.

In a post on social media, Treble 20 Taxis said: “It was brought to our attention that there was a derogatory term used within one of our taxis to describe the Gay Pride celebrations that were taking place in Kirkcaldy. “After investigating this issue further we now understand fully what has happened and we are reaching out to the individuals who have been affected directly.

“This situation has happened due to the actions of one or two individuals and these actions will not be tolerated at all.

“We were absolutely delighted and extremely proud to be part of the Pride celebrations and the actions of these individuals is in absolutely no way a reflection of the company or its drivers.

“It has taken years of hard work and professionalism along with friendly and trustworthy drivers that has built us the amazing reputation that we have.

“Last night’s situation has devastated us all.

“Whilst we understand that this affected only a few people in the taxi itself, we also completely understand that this has also affected each and every one of us who are intolerant of any sort of discrimination and have therefore been upset by this situation.

“On behalf of all of us at Treble Taxis we apologise for the upset that has been caused and we will continue to work so hard to ensure that trust is rebuilt with you all.

“We are just so, so sorry. Thank you again to those of you who got in touch to alert us to this situation yesterday. We all stand together against discrimination of any kind without exception.”

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