The incredible 1972 speed drinking competition staged in a Fife town

It seems incredible in an era where the message is one of responsible drinking, but a Fife town once staged a speed beer drinking competition.

Friday, 8th July 2022, 1:35 pm
Updated Friday, 8th July 2022, 1:36 pm

It happened in Kirkcaldy in 1972 and was held in the Alma Bowl.

Teams had to down half pints of lager, turn the glass upside down on their head and then the next man took over.

The competition actually off to a late start when teams from the British Legion and Travel Clubs pulled out at the last minute.

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Winners of the 1972 speed drinking competition staged at the Alma Bowl, Kirkcaldy was a team from Kirkcaldy Cricket Club - The winning team pictured features Bob Fairful, Joe McLuskey, Jim McFadyen, Bob Carruthers, and Brian Diack.

According to the Fife Free Press: “Rumour had it they decided to undergo further intensive training a their home grounds.”

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Eventually, with five men to a team, and half pints of lager at the ready, the Heavy Squad from the Royal Albert Hotel and their opponents , Alma Bowl, stood poised for the whistle

And it was over even before it had started.

Ten seconds later, the Heavy Squad stood wet and triumphant with beer shampoos all round.

The three other teams involved in the competition, which was run on a league basis with teach playing for points, were United Services Cuib, Kirkcaldy Cricket Club and Harry K. Brown’s.

At the end of the night, the cricket Club won the trophy after winning four out of four matches.

The winning team is pictured and feature Bob Fairful, Joe McLuskey, Jim McFadyen, Bob Carruthers, and Brian Diack.