Video: Vandals tear down gay pride flags in Kirkcaldy

The people of Kirkcaldy have rallied round in support of retailers whose Pride flags were town down and burnt at the weekend.

By Scott McCartney
Monday, 10th June 2019, 3:14 pm

With two seperate incidents in as many days, video has emerged of flags being ripped down from the Olympia Arcade.

In one video captured by CCTV on Friday, two men entered the arcade, one of which had a crutch. However, he was visibly able to move around unaided while he batted at the flags with it.

The pair then left once two flags had been ripped down.

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Amby Stanyer-Hunter at the Olympia Arcade.

In another attack on Saturday, four young men were caught on video, and two stopped to pull down the flags.

But now the people of Kirkcaldy have come together in support for the arcade retailers after seeing the videos on social media.

Amby Stanyer-Hunter, whose dance studio is located in the Olympia Arcade, said the vandals had unwittingly brought the best out of people in Kirkcaldy.

He said: “The fact that 99 per cent of the comments we’ve had have been overwhelmingly positive is only going to do the locals proud.

“While they’ve done what they’ve done out of hate, it’s certainly brought a lot of love out.

“We had a positive ID within about half-an-hour. That’s what social media is great for.

“It’s amazing. The first video is already at 50,000 views.

“Revolution Barber has already put his Pride flag up in response. He said ‘try and take this one down, I dare you’.

“Someone has offered to buy us bunting out of their own money to put up.

“When you’ve got folk like that, there’s hope.”

One of the flags was found nearby and attempts had been made to burn it.

Amby added: “The most hilarious aspect is that the flags, under EU regulations, were not made of a flamable material, so it must have really annoyed them that it wouldn’t burn.

“This is officialy Pride Month so that’s why we put the flags up. We are planning to put a lot more up and have a jolly old arcade.

“This year marks the 50th annivesary of the Stonewall riots. Half a century, we really should be over this by now.

“This is private property, it’s our private property, if we want to hang whatever we want up, that’s our decision.

“Regardless of anything else, it’s destruction of private property.”

“Everybody is moaning that Kirkcaldy is on its knees, and we are trying our hardest to do things and make it better.”

The plan is for even more flags to go up soon.

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