Young disabled man’s plea to be able to move into his own home

Connor Beveridge.
Connor Beveridge.

A young disabled man is appealing to Fife Council for his independence, after he says he was led to believe he would be able to move into a new accessible home, before being snubbed.

Connor Beveridge (24) suffers from a debilitating neurological condition called Friedreichs Ataxia.#

It means he is a full-time wheelchair user, and has been told his life expectancy could be as young as 30.

When new houses were being built near his parents’ home in Thornton, he was told by council staff in January it was likely he would be moved into one of two accessible bungalows.

However, after an extended period without any other news, Connor got back in touch with the council, only to be told the opposite.

Connor just wants to live as independently as he can, and fears that he may never get the chance due to his condition.

He said that council staff told him he would likely be housed in one of the bungalows, as he had a high number of housing points.

He said: “I was told if there are no unforseen circumstances, my name is down for one and I’d get one of them.

“There had just been nothing since January.

“We were told that we’d get a call back in the summer, but it never happened so we kept phoning.

“I was told I had really good points, and that I was more than likely very much in line for one of these bungalows, then suddenly I got a phonecall last week saying they don’t think it’s going to happen.”

Connor said a house at the new development on Strathore Road would have been ideal, as he is keen to remain close to family, many of whom are in the area,

He said: “My mum and dad are in Thornton, my gran’s in Thornton, my sister’s in Thornton.

“It would have been perfect getting one of these bungalows.

“Someone at the council said that with the points I’ve got it’s very unlikely that there’s anyone above me.

“I just felt gutted and demoralised.

“I don’t want to have to go to the media and politicians to get help.

“But I didn’t have any other options.

“You try to be decent and honest, but when people aren’t like that back to you, you’re left with no roads to go down.

“It’s very frustrating.”

Connor said that living as independently as possible would mean the world to him.

“It would just be a totally different thing for me, being able to move on to the next stage in life.

“Even when I finished school, I never moved away to university, I stayed at home and studied there, so I’ve never moved out and had that sense of independence.

“Obviously, with my condition and the life expectancy, I just want to try it before it’s too late.

“I’m down on the housing list for Glenrothes east, but nothing’s ever been offered there.”

Sal Henderson, laad officer said: “We’re continuing to work with Mr Beveridge to find accommodation that meets his specific needs in his areas of choice.

“We’re also in contact with other housing providers in Fife to find a solution.”