performing well – but could still do better!

Peter Grant, councillor'Leader of Fife Council (SNP)'Fife House'29.12.08'GLENROTHES GAZETTE
Peter Grant, councillor'Leader of Fife Council (SNP)'Fife House'29.12.08'GLENROTHES GAZETTE
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A RESOUNDING 94 per cent of Fifers say they are satisfied by the services being provided by Fife Council.

That is according to a review into the local authority’s performance over the past four years, from 2007–2011.

The extensive report, looking into how the council did in dealing with eight priorities identified as the most important back in 2007, was discussed by councillors last week.

And it showed that, despite the current financial climate and the continued need for savings, the council is generally improving its performance in many areas highlighted since the last elections.


At a meeting of the Policy, Finance and Asset Management Committee last week, Councillor Peter Grant, leader of the Council, explained: “We made a promise to Fifers that we would concentrate on eight priorities.

‘‘I’m pleased that we’re continuing to make good progress in these areas.

Since 2007 the council has focused on:

• Improving educational attainment and achievement for all

• Making Fife the leading green council in Scotland

• Improving local conditions for economic development

• Improving community safety

• Targeting support to vulnerable people

• Increasing access to housing

• Improving sport, leisure and cultural opportunities

• Becoming a top performing council

The information was revealed in the recent Residents’ Survey which showed a huge rise in the percentage of Fifers who were satisfied with council services last year – up from 78 per cent in 2008/09 to 94 per cent in 2010/11.


“It’s fantastic that people agree we’re doing a good job,” said Cllr Grant.

“We are making good progress but there is always room for improvement and we need to concentrate on these areas.”

Councillor Tim Brett said: “I am impressed that customer satisfaction is significantly above what I think is common practice, particularly south of the border,” he said.

“To get that level of satisfaction is very good.”

SUMMING up his Big Eight priorities, Councillor Grant: “We want Fife to be a top performing council and we’re definitely getting there.

“We deliberately set ourselves ambitious targets in 2007 and despite severe financial constraints since then we have delivered on most of them.

‘‘Even where we didn’t reach our targets we have still seen improvements in many areas.

“Times are still tough and we face some difficult choices.

‘‘With careful planning we can make the necessary savings by changing the way we do things, while ensuring we continue to deliver services to those who need them most.

“It’s very encouraging to see that our performance is continuing to improve in so many areas.

‘‘We have to focus on balancing the need now to tackle major cuts in public spending while continuing to deliver on these main priorities for Fife.

“We set out to make Fife a better place to live, work and visit - it’s great to know that 91.9 per cent of Fifers agree that we’re succeeding.”

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