Pet owners urged to get insured

Pet owners are almost twice as likely to insure their home's contents than they are their four-legged friends, according to recent findings.

Saturday, 4th June 2016, 2:00 pm
Pet owners are risking potentially thousands of pounds for treatment by not insuring their pets. A recent survey showed their were more likely to insure their home contents.

According to pet insurance provider PDSA Petsurance, 76 per cent of households take out contents insurance for their possessions, while only only 42 per cent of pet owners take out insurance.

Vet charity PDSA has warned that this leaves the owners of around 12 million pets at risk financially should anything happen to them.

The top reason given for not getting pet insurance was cost but owners could be leaving themselves open to fees of hundreds, possibly even thousands, of pounds for treatment of an ill or injured pet. In 2015 the average claim for pet insurance was £679, compared to the average premium of just £20 a month.

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The charity’s Animal Wellbeing (PAW) Report 2015 also found, however, that owners are more than happy to splash out on luxuries for their pets, with 73 per cent buying a Christmas or birthday present and 12 per cent having even Skyped or ‘Face-timed’ their pet.

PDSA Petsurance is selected by PDSA’s vets to offer the best protection for pets, and every policy contributes to the charity’s vital work helping pets in need.