Peter Grant to stand in General Election

Peter Grant
Peter Grant

Glenrothes councillor Peter Grant is to stand for the SNP in May’s General Election.

The councillor, whose ward covers Glenrothes West, will be running for the Glenrothes and Central Fife seat on May 7.

Last month Cllr Grant was announced as one of two people on a shortlist to become the party’s candidate for the constituency.

His only opponent was 22-year-old Anum Quaisar, a one time aide to former Scottish Labour Party deputy leader Anas Sarwar.

Last Wednesday, following a ballot of SNP party members it was revealed that Cllr Grant, the former leader of Fife Council and current leader of the SNP opposition, will be the candidate.

The SNP parliamentary candidate said: “ I’m delighted to have been selected at the end of an open and fair ballot in which every SNP member in this constituency was given an equal say.

“I’m grateful to everyone who supported me and for all the messages I’ve had from ordinary members during the selection process.

“I’d also like to offer my best wishes to Anum Qaisar who has won many friends in the constituency and who has shown that she is capable of being an outstanding SNP candidate”.

Councillor Grant has been a councillor in Glenrothes since 1992.

He previously stood as a parliamentary candidate in the Glenrothes and Central Fife by-election in 2008.

Labour MP Lindsay Roy, who is to retire, currently holds the seat with a majority of 16,448.