Petition against Kirkcaldy strip club

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A petition has been set up calling on Kirkcaldy’s MSP to reconsider his “support” for a new strip club set to open in the town.

It has been started by a group called Common Weal Fife and asks David Torrance to “oppose the opening of the club and withdraw previous statements made in the Fife Free Press.”

Cllr Judy Hamilton

Cllr Judy Hamilton

In last week’s paper the MSP said he was “neither for nor against it.” He added: “If it is run properly and doesn’t cause any problems in the vicinity then I don’t have a problem with it.”

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But the group says “there is no place for neutrality on the issue,” adding “gender based violence and establishments which facilitate it have no place in our communities.” It has been signed by 59 people.

A spokesman for Mr Torrance said the MSP is on holiday and will respond on his return.

Meanwhile Kirkcaldy councillor Judy Hamilton has also spoken out against the club which will be in her ward, saying she had been contacted by a number of people expressing concerns.

She said: “I have to wonder, is this really what we are claiming for entertainment in Kirkcaldy in 2018? In my view, it says more about our attitude to women than it does about entertainment.

“Although I understand that the existing licence for the premises covers this activity, my concern is that many women working in the “sexual entertainment” industry can be exploited.

“All of these women are somebody’s sister, cousin, niece, wife, friend – and they deserve to be treated with respect in a safe working environment.

“I have immediately spoken to the proprietor to express my concerns and I do understand the business decision.

“However, as these women are to be self-employed, I remain to be convinced of the balance between entertainment and exploitation.

“I would hope that if any of the women involved feel unsafe at any time then they could contact local services for support and assistance.”