Petition helps stop Dapper Laughs’ Kirkcaldy gig

Dapper Laughs
Dapper Laughs

Controversial comedian Dapper Laughs has been forced to cancel an appearance in Kirkcaldy following a storm of protest which included an online petition.

The stand up, real name Daniel O’Reilly, who has been faced with a wave of criticism over his act which made derogatory remarks against women was due to appear at Kitty’s on December 6 but following an appearance on BBC’s Newsnight claimed he would be retiring the character for good.

The news was welcomed by 22-year-old journalism student Adrianne Burton who had started an online petition calling on Kitty’s to cancel Dapper Laughs’ appearance.

She said: “I’ve never watched Dapper Laughs show but I became aware of him when the reports were circulating about sexism in his programme.

“I felt that to give someone like this a platform to promote his views to a young audience would be in bad taste and grossly irresponsible of the event organisers.

“The petition began as a way to try and counteract that.”

Adrianne said that she started the petition on Monday and in one day had already collected over 100 signatures.

“It’s up to 260 now which isn’t a huge amount but I thought we’d only get a few.

“I don’t have problem with Dapper Laughs comedy but it’s the comments on rape and things he said against homeless people that I thought were completely inappropriate.

“I’ve had some people arguing with me that I’m trying to stop people having a good time, but when you have someone on a stage in front of a crowd of young people fuelled with drink and are encouraging rape I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

A spokesman for Kitty’s confirmed that the scheduled appearance had been cancelled.