Petition launched after speeding concerns

Heather and Anne Marie with their children
Heather and Anne Marie with their children

Residents of Lundin Links and Lower Largo have launched a petition to make Largo Road safer for pedestrians.

Campaigners are calling for the introduction of traffic calming measures and road improvements to help reduce speeds and improve safety.

Heather Paterson, who started the campaign, said: “The petition has around 200 signatures so far but we need more people to sign and help us increase pressure on Fife Council.

“The comments alongside the petition signatures show that the safety of this road has long been a worry for pedestrians of all ages.”

The appeal was launched following two near misses in January where mothers walking with their children in buggies were nearly hit by speeding traffic between the Lundin Links Hotel and the Cupar Road turn off.

Anne Marie Jack, one of those mums, said: “The car was clearly travelling too fast down the hill. I could see the panic in the driver’s eyes as he was so close to hitting me and my two children.

“The narrow pavements 
offer no protection to pedestrians as traffic speeds down the hill and round a blind bend. The speed limit clearly needs to be reduced.

“There is also no realistic safe crossing available, you take a gamble every time you cross.”

Mum of two Laura Thomson was pushing a double buggy when a lorry mounted the narrow pavement next to her to avoid another lorry going up hill.

“I have to walk this way to playgroup as there are no other routes available to me. It is a very scary section of road.

“I am looking for urgent action from Fife Council now rather than waiting for a serious accident to happen.”

Veronica Macleod, Largo Playgroup manager, has called for a 20mph limit in the area.

Colin Stirling, lead professional at Fife Council, said: “We appreciate the concern expressed by everyone who has signed the petition. We take these concerns seriously and have undertaken and will be undertaking a number of phased actions to address the problems along this stretch of road.”

Mr Stirling said a clean-up of the south verge had been arranged and the Council would be assessing whether it was possible to widen the pavement there to allow for lining alterations on the road.

The ‘Slow’ markers on the road would also be altered in the next financial year to include red strips to make them more conspicuous for approaching drivers.

Mr Stirling added that the road had been looked at in the past but it was concluded that the current level of road traffic warning signs was appropriat., However in the future, the Council would be looking into the possibility of a part-time 20mph speed limit and pedestrian crossing on Largo Road, but that a solid double white line on the bend at Cupar Road was not possible because the road was too narrow.

He added: “The specific combination of road geometry, location of existing buildings, retaining walls, etc., is such that it will not be possible to undertake any significant carriageway widening works without major capital investment.”

To sign the petition, visit Mercury Motors, Stuarts of Buckhaven and Premier Store in Lundin Links or