Petition launched in support of Kirkcaldy’s controversial lapdancing bar

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Kirkcaldy’s new strip club has sparked huge controversy in town even before its doors have opened – and now it has a petition in SUPPORT of it.

The online initiative was launched today, just hours after a new women’s group announced it was staging a public protest on Monday.

Sin City is set to open upstairs at Kitty’s nightclub on Thursday, November 2

It is being run by Mario Caira and his wife Niki who say will it be “tasteful” and “properly run” and is expected to employ around 20 people, including bar and security staff. The dancers will all be self-employed, and the club will operate under the licence held by the nightclub.

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Support has come from a new online petition Support Sin Strip Club Kirkcaldy on

Launched by Deborah Stephenson, it said: “Sin is not forcing people to work there, or indeed attend their premises.

“The owners are well established in Kirkcaldy and known to the licensing board. If it fails as a venture it should be due to lack of interest and not off the back of “naysayers” who have never set foot in a strip club in their life.”

People signing in support have also posted comments backing the lapdancing bar.

“There is nothing wrong with this in any way,” said one.

Another added: “The family who are planning to run it are well known in Kirkcaldy, and have a lot to offer the local folk! This club is not singling out women, it’s also having male dancers as well. So everyone off their high horse and live a little!”

News of the launch of Sin City emerged last week, sparking huge debate online.

Auditions have bene taking place for dancers to work at the club.

David Torrance, SNP MSP for Kirkcaldy, has also come under fire for his comments in the Fife Free Press in which he said he was “neither for nor against it” adding: “If it is run properly and doesn’t cause any problems in the vicinity then I don’t have a problem with it.”

That has sparked another petition calling on him to reconsider his comments. It was started by Common Weal Fife and has been signed by 220 people.

Meanwhile, the launch of WTF – Women Together In Fife – will be marked with a public demonstration outside the Town House at midday on Monday against the new club.

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