Picasso in the attic discovery goes global!

Dominic Currie pictured with the painting.
Dominic Currie pictured with the painting.

When a Kirkcaldy artist discovered a ‘Picasso’ in his attic he was stunned - but Dominic Currie is equally amazed by public reaction to his story.

Last week the Press broke the story of how the 58-year-old found a cubist portrait rolled up inside a suitcase which belonged to his late mother, Annette.

I knew it was a story but had no inkling it would take off like this

Dominic Currie

She had been gifted the painting by Dominic’s secret father, a Russian soldier named Nikolai Vladimirovich, who met Annette in Poland in 1955.

The painting - which, if verified as a genuine Picasso, could be worth millions - lay in the case for a staggering 55 years before seeing the light of day.

Dominic had considered putting the case on the skip!

Within hours of the Fife Free Press’ story, Dominic was interviewed by BBC and ITV news.

The following day, his astonishing discovery was featured in print across the UK and on the internet it went viral reaching Europe, Canada and the United States, followed by South America, Pakistan, China and Japan the next day.

Dominic has been approached by various TV production companies hoping to document his journey as he goes about proving the painting’s authenticity.

Auctioneers Christie’s have also invited Dominic to bring the painting to London for closer examination.

Dominic said: “I never dreamt in my wildest dreams that the story would be this big.

“I knew it was a story and a half but had no inkling it would take off like this, or take up so much of my time since!

He added: “I’ve met so many interesting people in the last week and I’ve found it really difficult to get my head around it. If it’s verified as a Picasso, it’s a whole new ball game. I’d like to keep my feet on the ground but it might just whisk me up!”