Picket line protest over Toll Park plan

Members of Best4Burntisland group protesting at exhibition of school plans
Members of Best4Burntisland group protesting at exhibition of school plans

A GROUP opposed to plans for a new primary school at East Toll Park in Burntisland is planning to “picket” a public engagement event in the town’s library today (Thursday).

Fife Council is holding the event between 10.00 a.m. and 7.00 p.m. to give the local community the opportunity to see how the new school could look.

But Best4Burntisland believes the park is the wrong location - and it hopes to encourage as many objections as possible by explaining their concerns to people attending the event.

Wrong site

Bob Smith, vice chairman of Burntisland Community Council and a member of the action group, said: “Everyone is in favour of a new primary school but this is the wrong site.

“There was a community council meeting attended by around 300 people and around 80 per cent did not want it on Toll Park. The Council has ignored public opinion.

“We want the Council to listen, so we will have members of the group at the event throughout the day encouraging people to object to the planning application.”

Best4Burntisland believes the school should be sited at the Roundhouse car park near the Beacon Leisure Centre or at Seamill.

Mr Smith said: “It would make more sense to develop a brownfield site, improving the environment in Burntisland by bringing old industrial land back into use, rather than building on one of the few remaining green spaces.”

The group also wants an independent assessment of alternative sites

Alister Hendrie, Fife Council education delivery manager, said the event had been organised to give people accurate information about what was being proposed.

He said: “A series of display boards with outline drawings, plans and photomontages will illustrate how the school is likely to look at East Toll Park. Fife Council staff will be on hand to answer any questions.”