Picture this – Regent Cinema could be saved

The Regent Community Cinema
The Regent Community Cinema
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LEVEN’s Regent community cinema could be a frame closer to being saved.

An annual general meeting is being held later this month, at which the present committee hopes a new board will succeed it as its members step down.

The meeting, which is open to the public, is in the Commercial Road picture house at 6.30 p.m. on Thursday, March 28.

The current charity has been in talks with a number of interested parties about keeping the Regent alive, since the members decided they had taken the facility as far as they could in terms of time, energy and business expertise.

Their decison has also been influenced by VAT registration, rising overheads and the need to buy new cinema equipment further down the line.

A new committee of around 10 members may be in the frame to step in and, while both sides remain reasonably confident, the board-in-waiting is still checking vital details such as accounts and projections for the months ahead before making a decision.

Treasurer Colin Cunningham told the Mail he was sure the exact figures and details needed could be provided for the group and, considering the Regent’s assets and all other factors, there would hopefully be nothing of concern.

The ‘committee-elect’ also wants the Regent to remain open – rather than lose revenue through temporary closure – if a definite changeover is to happen, which has given the survival hopes a further boost.

The Glenrothes-based business boss who is leading the new group said he hoped to have the relevant facts and figures this week and would discuss them with his colleagues before reaching a decision.

The group would be studying accounts for the last quarter, looking at January and February’s figures and assessing financial forecasts for the months to come, he added.

He said he was reasonably hopeful too about the outcome and, if everything went to plan, the takeover should be simple and straightforward.

“Once we get the facts and figures, we’ll put them to our committee and see how it wants to proceed with that information,” added the businessman.

A recent public meeting in the cinema heard many upbeat expressions of hope for its future, if it was rescued, such as refurbishing some of its features and expanding its role as an entertainment and community resource.

Wayne Thomson, who, with fellow volunteer Colin Peter has set up a ‘Save the Regent Cinema’ page on Facebook, said he would try to add to an already dedicated team of volunteers by recruiting as many more people as possible.