Piping his way to TV stardom

A joiner from St Andrews made his TV debut recently with a starring role in the latest comic Specsavers advert.
James Connell (left) stars in the latest Specsavers adJames Connell (left) stars in the latest Specsavers ad
James Connell (left) stars in the latest Specsavers ad

James Connell (47) features in a brand new 20-second video on demand advert on the STV Player.

The father-of-four filmed his scenes with STV and the Specsavers team in picturesque Glencoe against the backdrop of rugged mountain peaks.

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In the advert, he forms part of a piping trio whose tune goes wildly off key.

While playing, the two skilled pipers alongside James suddenly realise he ‘should’ve gone to Specsavers’ – because he is using golf clubs instead of bagpipes.

As part of the same campaign, James will also appear in a sponsorship bumper on STV, highlighting Specsavers’ sponsorship of STV’s main channel.

James said: ‘It was a fantastic opportunity to be part of the advert in such a great location too.

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“The boys on the building site will be heckling me with the ‘should’ve gone to Specsavers’ tagline for weeks now. The whole experience was very light-hearted and a good laugh.”

Julia campbell St Andrews’ Specsavers store director, said: “The new sponsorship bumpers are great fun and James takes the lead with his comic role.

“We hope that they help to reinforce the importance of regular eye health check-ups every two years at your local Specsavers store.”