Plan to close Rosslyn School & move into ‘new Viewforth’

Kirkcaldy 'Official opening of new Kirkcaldy pool'Cllr Neil Crooks'Photo ; WALTER NEILSON
Kirkcaldy 'Official opening of new Kirkcaldy pool'Cllr Neil Crooks'Photo ; WALTER NEILSON
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The new Kirkcaldy East school could include a special needs school, public library and council office if ambitious plans are given the go ahead.

The Press can reveal that an additional £3 million towards the £21m project could be made available to move Rosslyn School which cares for children with additional support needs, and the nearby library in Loughborough Road as well as the authority’s local office at Park Road all under the same roof to create a community hub.

But a comprehensive consultation process will have to be undertaken before any decision on the closure of the school could be considered.

An extra £3 million funding to take forward a work plan for a community hub at the new school, to replace the outdated Viewforth High School and serve pupils in the east of Kirkcaldy, was requested and agreed, at a meeting of the Executive Committee last week.

Councillors at the meeting heard that an extra £3 million would be available through the Community Investment Fund towards the creation of a community hub when the new school is built, with enhanced sports and other facilities. The project was the highest scoring to win a share of a £12 million pot.

Speaking exclusively to the Press this week, Councillor Neil Crooks, chairman of the Kirkcaldy area committee said further investment was badly needed in the area.

“I am delighted that the Executive Committee has approved this further investment in the Kirkcaldy East school site as we badly need these facilities in that part of town,” he said.

“We identified in our Local Community Plan that Gallatown needs significant resources to help regenerate the area and provide opportunities for the local people. I hope this commitment is just the first step in helping raise the Gallatown west and Sinclairtown central datazones out of their current standing as two of the highest areas of deprivation in Scotland.”

Bryan Kirkcaldy, head of the education service, said: “We are preparing a report for the Executive Committee at the moment, which will be due to be published one week before December 3 when the next meeting takes place.

“The report will be of the public consultation on the new Viewforth in East Kirkcaldy. The report is likely also to seek permission from committee to further consult publically on additional ideas that have arisen during the consultation process. These ideas include the integration of a new Rosslyn School, along with local library and local office facilities, within the new school.

“As always, if we propose a new build any replacement for a school (eg Rosslyn) we also consult on the closure of the existing school, if a decision is taken to proceed with a new build.”

The proposals envisage the new school as a real community hub with facilities including a floodlit football pitch and other sports playing fields; changing facilities; a contact point; library and other information provision.