Plan to put obstacles in path of illegal biking

Cllr Ross Vettraino
Cllr Ross Vettraino

Fife Council is taking steps to curb the anti-social activities of some motorbikers in the vicinity of Coaltown of Balgonie.

Local Councillor, Ross Vettraino, has said that the Council has been receiving complaints for some time about motorbikes being driven illegally and irresponsibly in and around the village.

In particular, it is being reported that motorcycles are being driven on pavements and other pedestrian ways, as the motorcyclists make their way to the “bing” south of the village.

Cllr Vettraino said: “The Council wishes to encourage the safe and responsible use of motorcycles, but will not tolerate their continued use in a way that threatens the safety of the community.

“Working closely with the local Community Police, the plan is to place obstacles on the four pedestrian ways, including the Lady Walk, that are frequented by the motorcyclists.

“The obstacles will hinder the passage of motorcycles, but will allow access by pedestrians and the users of wheelchairs and motorised scooters.”

The work will be carried out during the next few weeks and, thereafter, the routes will be monitored by the Community Police Officers and Council Officials. Posters warning of the obstructions will be displayed on the affected routes.

Cllr Vettraino added: ““Motorcyclists will still be able to gain access to the “bing” via Milburn Avenue and the road that leads to Byresloan Farm, but all motorcyclists will be aware that the use of motorcycles on a public road, such as Milburn Avenue, must meet the requirements of Road Traffic legislation.

“As a motorcyclist myself, I am very conscious that motorbikes must not present a danger to themselves, to other road users or to the community.”