Plan your dream playpark, kids ...

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KIDS have been given the chance to help shape their upgraded play area at the east end of Burntisland Links.

The £65,000 project will see new play equipment installed early next year - and it’s up to local youngsters to decide what should go in the play area.

Funding was confirmed last week when Kirkcaldy area committee agreed to contribute up to £25,000 towards the cost, with Fife Council’s parks and countryside service picking up the tab for the remaining £40,000.

The area budget’s contribution could be reduced by £5000 if Burntisland Primary School Parent Council is successful in a bid for funding from the Burntisland Common Good Fund.

Burntisland councillor, Susan Leslie, said: “What we have done is consult with the most important people – the young people in Burntisland – to get their ideas.


‘‘It’s all about what they want to see in the play area.”

Cllr Leslie also thanked the parent council for its support in arranging the consultation with the children.

She said: “It gave us the ability to get in and work with the children as quickly as possible, and we’re grateful for its help in gathering the views and ideas.”

Cllr Leslie added: “There are play areas all over Fife which are reaching the end of their lifespan and will either have to be upgraded or removed. I suspect most will simply be removed, but we have been determined not to let that happen in Burntisland.”

Fellow Burntisland councillor, George Kay, said: “The new play area will be beneficial to the thousands of kids who come to Burntisland every year.

Barren space

“That end of the links is a barren space with some antiquated swings.

“On a good summer’s day, there can be upwards of 1000 children. They do have a water feature and they do have the beach, but they have a swing park which is falling apart.

“The new play area will be a major attraction at one of Fife’s Blue Flag beaches.”