Planning for the future of Burntisland

View of Burntisland from the Links
View of Burntisland from the Links

A major community consultation exercise is due to get underway in Burntisland in the coming days.

Burntisland Community Futures Steering Group will carry out the survey into the future of the town.

The group, led by Burntisland Community Council, includes representatives from other community groups and residents.

Volunteers will deliver forms to around 1000 households this month, asking people their views on the area and what they would like to see change to make things better over the next five years.

Anyone who doesn’t get a form delivered can complete one online at Burntisland Community Futures

They will be backed up by interviews with around 20 local groups and organisations, as well as visitors to the town to get as wide a cross section of opinions as possible.

Results of the surveys will be displayed at a community event in September when residents will have the chance to vote for their top priority projects.

The consultation will help the steering group put together a five year Community Action Plan reflecting community views, which can be used as a guide for organisations in representing the community and in taking forward projects that matter most. Fife Council is providing funding for the project, and is keen that the Action Plan explores opportunities for use and renewal of the town’s Common Good assets, including the Links and Burgh Chambers.

Alex MacDonald, chairman of Burntisland Community Council said: “This is a great opportunity. Other communities who have followed this route have used this to great success to secure funding for major projects, to influence services and to guide efforts and resources for the good of their community”.