Plans afoot to tackle accident blackspot in Dysart

A BMW crashed into the railings outside Dysart Primary School just last weekend
A BMW crashed into the railings outside Dysart Primary School just last weekend

Locals in Dysart have given a cautious welcome to news that traffic calming measures are to be introduced on a notorious stretch of road.

A 20mph speed limit will be put in place later this year on Normand Road, which has seen an unusually high number of accidents over the past few years.

The announcement comes just days after a BMW smashed into the railings at the entrance to Dysart Primary School on Saturday night.

Councillor Marie Penman welcomed the news but added that locals have a right to be concerned about the high number of accidents that keep happening.

She added: “The success of these new measures depends on drivers having the sense to slow down.

“Some irresponsible and reckless drivers will no doubt continue to speed, regardless of the risks involved.”

Tom Nisbet knows the situation better than most having had his front wall smashed into twice. He said: “There was yet another accident about a week or so ago.

“It’ll be interesting to see how they calm it down because it really needs done.”

Tom said the repair to his wall cost £10,000, while damage to his neighbour’s wall in yet another earlier accident cost £5000.

“If the council had done this earlier then all this money that has added up wouldn’t have needed spent. It’s been a real carry on.

“It’s good that something is finally getting done.

“I look at the cars as they go flying up and I’ve seen lorries with the drivers drinking coffee or on their phones and I think what is it with this road?”

Eunice Cameron, secretary of Dysart Community Council, said: “I really don’t understand why this stretch of the road seems to be an accident blackspot.

“We’ve looked into it in the past but I’m not sure what the reason is.

“We did ask a while back if rumble strips could be installed but were told by the council that it couldn’t happen because of buses, which I didn’t quite understand.

“I’m happy to see that a 20mph limit is being introduced but I’m not sure that in itself is going to be enough. It will need to be properly implemented.”

Ian Smith, lead professional of the mid Fife traffic management team, confirmed plans to introduce traffic calming measures at Normand Road will progress throughout the year.

“The plans include the introduction of a 20mph speed limit from Dysart Primary School to the new Viewforth High School and will take in Windmill Road,” he said.

“Further measures are also in development and will be implemented at the same time.”