Plans for a food bank in Cupar

The Rev Dr Ken Jeffrey
The Rev Dr Ken Jeffrey

THE first steps are being made towards establishing a foodbank in Cupar following shock revelations that local families are struggling to survive.

A public meeting is to be held on Tuesday, April 23, aimed at recruiting volunteers to help run the initiative, which is being launched by Cupar Old Parish Church.

The move comes as a result of six months of research by the church’s children and families worker Trudi Newton, who found that more and more people are having difficulty making ends met.

“Sadly, there is a real need in the community for something like this, and with the implementation of the government’s benefit cuts the situation is only likely to get worse,” she said.

“We need to do something to show people that we care.”

Douglas Drysdale from the Bethany Trust and Rebecca Weir from The Storehouse in St Andrews will be attending Tuesday’s meeting to share their experiences of running foodbanks in other areas.

Some operate a voucher system while others hand out parcels of non-perishables such as tea, coffee, cereals and tinned foods.

Canon Pat McInally, who is also involved in the project, said: “We must make sure it is properly structured so that the help is going to people who really need it.

“Unfortunately these days it is not only people on benefits who need help. There are a number of families with children who for various reasons are really struggling.”

Cupar councillor Bryan Poole expressed his support for the initiative, saying: “It is, in my opinion, a sad reflection of the times we are currently living in that such an initiative is being considered though I have little doubt there are those in need living in our communities - our neighbours - and that the numbers are likely to increase as some of the changes to the welfare state are implemented.”

The meeting will be held at 7.30pm in the Old Parish Centre, Cupar.