Plans going ahead to clear St Andrew’s Church Square of vehicles

Church Square, St Andrews, where parking is about to be stopped
Church Square, St Andrews, where parking is about to be stopped

Plans for St Andrews’ Church Square are likely to be heard at the next meeting of the North East Fife Planning Committee.

Those plans will prevent traffic from entering the square, except for wedding and funeral vehicles attending services at Holy Trinity Church.

The problem of cars and vans blocking the square – technically a pedestrian area – has exercised St Andreans and their community councillors for some time.

But Fife councillor Dorothea Morrison said that the plans for the square were likely to be discussed at next month’s planning committee.

“This is something that we as local members want to deal with,” she said, “because we can’t get on with the renovation of the square until this is decided.

“We didn’t decide on the matter the last time it came to the planning committee because some of the proposals were quite ambiguous.”

The new plans mean that the only vehicles allowed in the square will be wedding and funeral cars, with removable bollards in place to prevent other vehicles accessing the area.

“There will be new loading bays designated in South Street to allow for deliveries,” Cllr Morrison added.

More vehicles than expected have used Church Square, particularly in more recent years, causing damage to the slabs and setts – in two years more than 50 safety defects had to be repaired at a cost approaching £5000.

Plans for resurfacing the area have already been drawn up.