Plans submitted to convert historic Fife house

Leslie House was gutted by a fire in 2009.
Leslie House was gutted by a fire in 2009.

Plans to convert the historic Leslie House into 28 luxury apartments have been submitted.

Byzantine Developments, which purchased the remains of Leslie House in 2017, is seeking permission to redevelop the fire-damaged structure, creating the flats and eight new houses, as well as parking, access, landscaping and drainage.

The development would convert the existing house to create 19 apartments, with the pavilion extension linked to the house being converted into eight apartments. There would also be a separate duplex dwelling.

Six homes would be built around the courtyard and another two to the west of the site.

If the plans do go ahead, it could end years of uncertainty over the land.

Leslie House was built in the 17th century by the Earl of Rothes, and it would remain in the family until 1919.

In 2009, the building was gutted by fire, when previous plans to create flats had already been approved.

Since then a number of attempts to restore the building have come to nothing, with the previous owner Sundial properties even offering to sell the building for £1, if a viable project could be found to return the house to its former glory.

It states it the application: “The design seeks to retain and sensitively convert Leslie House. A contemporary approach has been taken to the new build to provide contrast and to highlight the special character of the original buildings.”