Planting that will benefit everyone

Markinch Environmental Action group members with Fiona Grant and Lorna Ross
Markinch Environmental Action group members with Fiona Grant and Lorna Ross
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ENVIRONMENAL enthusiasts in Markinch are putting down roots for benefit of future generations with an ambitious tree planting scheme.

Around 30 members of the town’s Environmental Action Group (MEAG) were out in force over the weekend planing 18 various pear, apple and plum fruit trees and in Balbirnie Park.

Once the planted trees have had time to establish it’s expected they will provide free pickable fruit for local residents and visitors to the park.

The group’s eco-friendly idea which ties in with Edable and Tasty Spaces project (EATS) was made possible after they recently secured generous funding from Fife Council’s Towns and Village Improvement Scheme.

Lorna Ross, from the town’s Environmental Awareness Group said the planting has proved a great success.

“It’s the first in a number of plantings over the coming months and years that we’d like to implement throughout the Markinch community”, Lorna explained.

“The trees will take a few years to establish and while they do the group would like to expand the project by introducing some more fruit trees and bushes including raspberries and blackberries.

“And where there isn’t the space, we can use the various flower beds and pots for duel planting, thus creating a no-miles,sustainable food source.

She added: “We’ve reached out to other aspects of the local community too, including primary school and the various youth groups”, said Lorna.