Playing with fire is no game

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A PROJECT in Templehall to warn youngsters of the dangers of playing with fire has been hailed a success.

Firefighters from Kirkcaldy fire station joined with staff from Fife Council community learning and development to raise awareness of the issue among young people in the area.

Historically, Templehall sees a significant rise in the number of deliberate fires set during the school holidays.

The project, which took place within the Argos centre from July 9-13, set out to tackle the issue by letting young people take part in playing a Wii firefighting platform game, which detailed the pressures of a firefighters job, while given help and guidance from fire crews at the centre.

They were also shown a DVD on the dangers of making hoax calls to the fire service, which also highlighted the dangers of setting deliberate fires within their communities.


And the fun and informative approach appeared to get the message across.

At the end of the week-long event, the winners of the game were Oliver and Sam Carson who visited Kirkcaldy fire station to collect their prize and to see around the station.

Watch manager Paul Cunningham from Kirkcaldy community safety department, said: “If firefighters are attending deliberate fires, that is valuable resources taken away from their primary role of saving lives.

“Fumes from these fires are highly toxic and can kill or seriously damage your health or can cause serious burns.


“Also while we are attending these deliberate fires, a life-threatening incident could be developing and this could cost precious seconds and minutes, which could put lives at risk.

“Parents have a responsibility to make sure their children know how dangerous playing with fire can be.”

If anyone thinks their child might be tempted to start fires, contact your local firefighters free on 0808 100 3141 and they will give you confidential help and advice.