Plea for action before there’s another fatality

Leven Road, looking towards Kennoway.
Leven Road, looking towards Kennoway.

FARM property residents in Kennoway want action to cut traffic accidents on Leven Road.

After a head-on collision on Thursday between two vehicles, neighbours at Wester Durie Farm steadings have asked Fife Council to consider measures aimed at curbing crashes on the B933.

Vehicles were leaving the road around the rate of one a month, said one resident, but many accidents went unreported.

In December, a collision between a car and a bus tragically claimed the life of 47-year-old Rosemary Fairbairn, from Kennoway, and the neighbours fear there could be another fatal accident unless steps are taken.

One householder, Elaine Gillon, said there had been over a dozen accidents near the farm properties in the three years she and her famliy had lived there.

The mum of two and her neighbours often heard skidding vehicles and screeching brakes right outside their homes.

They believed some kind of message had to go out to drivers, such as bend warning signs or extra street lighting.

It was suspected that excessive speed was a factor in many cases – Mrs Gillon said vehicles had rolled over into the fields, while another accident at new year saw a car finish up in the trees.

Residents welcomed news that the council had agreed to a survey.

“This will be time consuming – however, it sets the ball rolling,” said one.

Thursday’s incident occurred around 7.30pm when a car and a van were involved in a head-on collision.

Police and an ambulance attended but no one required hospital care.

The road was closed until around 9.45pm to allow the vehicles to be removed and a fuel spillage to be cleared.

Ian Smith, traffic management lead officer for Mid Fife, said a survey would be arranged to give the speed details of the vehicles using the road over a two to three-day period, as well as the volume of traffic.

Findings would be copied to Fife Constabulary to assist in its speed enforcement.

“The results of the speed survey and a review of the recent crashes will be used to determine what additional measures may be appropriate,” added Mr Smith.