Plea for new writing group members

Writer John McCutcheon from Leven.
Writer John McCutcheon from Leven.

A Leven writer has made a plea to others interested in putting pen to paper to join his weekly writing group.

John McCutcheon (71) helps to run the group, which takes place at Buckhaven Community Centre every Tuesday afternoon.

He and a bunch of fellow writers started the group 18 months ago after two groups in Leven and Glenrothes were closed down because of Fife Council budget cuts.

Keen to see some sort of organisation retained for local writers, they got together and started their own independent group but are now making a plea for some new blood.

“At the group, it’s quite relaxed and any poems or short stories which we have written, we will read out to the group and then have a discussion about it, suggesting things which we could change or put in,” said John,

“As much as it is a writing thing, it’s also a very social thing and we have a nice cup of tea in the middle to break it all up.”

Anyone is free to join the group, and although it is currently in the afternoon, John told the Mail: “If anyone was keen to join, but couldn’t come because of work, then we could look at the possibility of starting up an evening class, if there was the demand for it.”

Thanks to the group, John has already had his work recognised as part of a Scottish Book Trust competition last year. “If there is ever anything like that , we always make sure to tell each other so we can take part,” said John.

Anyone interested in joining the group, which meets on a Tuesday afternoon between 2.00-4.00 p.m. should call John on 01333 301746 or email