Plea to curb ‘plague’ of nuisance calls

Rod Campbell'SNP candidate'North East Fife 2010
Rod Campbell'SNP candidate'North East Fife 2010
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A BARRAGE of nuisance telephone calls and text messages are ‘plaguing’ residents across the area.

The calls and texts range from recorded telephone messages, mis-sold or payment insurance texts.

Some people have even reported receiving regular intimidating silent phone calls.

MSP for north east Fife, Roderick Campbell, has called for a clampdown on the number of calls which are frustrating and worrying constituents.

Mr Campbell says a simple method for reporting the guilty parties needs to be created to relieve the pest.

Speaking in a member’s business debate in the Scottish Parliament, Mr Campbell told MSPs: “Over the past couple of months, I have had a number of constituents get in touch complaining about the number of nuisance calls and texts they are receiving, ranging from the irritating mis-sold insurance texts, to the intimidating silent phone calls.

“One constituent has described the problem to me as a ‘plague’, and I understand several other people will also feel the same way.

“While I appreciate the telephone preference system and Nuisance Calls Bureau are available to help prevent further calls, there must be a simpler way of dealing with the problem.”

Several mobile operators provide a nuisance, or malicious, call bureau, as well as BT, while the Information Commissioner’s Office is responsible for the regulation of electronic communications through the Privacy and Electronic Communications Act 2003.

However, despite this, Mr Campbell said more needed to be done to stop nuisance phone calls frustrating constituents across north east Fife and Scotland as a whole.

“At this time, however, the powers to make any substantial changes in this area lie with Westminster,” he added.

“I welcome the fact the Minister for Enterprise and Tourism will forward details of the debate on to the relevant UK Minister and hope to see a change in the near future.”

To stop unwanted calls, register your phone number with the Telephone Preference Service.

It’s free and takes 28 days for a ban to come into effect.