Plea to parents in fight against bike menace

Tyre tracks at Cotlands Park in Kennoway (picture by FPA)
Tyre tracks at Cotlands Park in Kennoway (picture by FPA)

A renewed plea has gone out to parents and carers in Levenmouth over the anti-social use of motor cycles and quad bikes.

In a bid to curb noise nuisance, property damage and the risk of injury through dangerous riding, parents whose youngsters have the machines are being asked to make sure they know where they are taking them.

Melanie Ward

Melanie Ward

Local politicians are also continuing to focus on the issue and and work with Police Scotland in Levenmouth.

Operation Ducati, a move to combat the unlawful use of bikes on and off the road, has been in place since late last year. It followed a fresh wave of complaints from around the community about the ages-old problem, and several arrests have been made.

Dismay was expressed recently after damage to Cotlands Park in Kennoway by illegal bike riding which, coupled with the effects of winter weather, disrupted regular football and sporting fixtures.

In a letter to the Mail, a resident said Kennoway was like other villages in the area getting “bother with the bikes” but the police and Fife Council were not to blame for the extent of the problem.

Parents who had bought bikes, or knew their children had, needed to ask themselves where they could safely go, or where their children were going, he added.

“Bikes are not allowed on Council ground – fact,” he said. “Cotlands included.

“One person has a kick out of it (at Cotlands) but they are not interested in the damage, or the 22 players or more who maybe cannot get a game after preparing for two nights during the week,” he added.

Luckily, said the resident, no one had been injured so far but he added: “Dog walkers, people walking with prams and sports teams are all there for a reason and do not expect a motor bike to be up there.

“Come on, parents – do not turn your back on this issue. Be a caring parent.”

The issue of problem quadbikes and motorbikes in the Levenmouth area has been raised in the Scottish Parliament, while information from residents about the identities of the troublemakers has been shared with local politicians, who have passed the details on to Levenmouth police .

Melanie Ward, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Glenrothes and Central Fife, said: “The dangerous and illegal use of quadbikes and motorbikes is not only a real nuisance locally, but in some cases is also causing destruction and sleep deprivation.

“If you see people riding bikes irresponsibly or have information about the identities of those riding the bikes, then do ring 101 to report it to the police – and remember that you can do so anonymously.”