Plea to park safely at Strathallan Primary School

Strathallan P.S., Kirkcaldy
Strathallan P.S., Kirkcaldy
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Concerns have been raised for children’s safety on roads around Strathallan Primary School due to ‘inconsiderate and irresponsible actions’ of parents at the beginning and end of the school day.

The matter was raised at a recent community engagement meeting with police and following a meeting last week with local councillors, representatives from Fife Council’s transportation department, the school, the police and some parents, action is to be taken.

One parent, who did not wish to be named, contacted the Press about the problems.

She said: “This is an ongoing saga at Strathallan Primary, but recently parents are again angered due to the crazy parking by people around the school.

“This has caused buses to mount the kerbs, when the kids are on the pavement, as they cannot pass cars.

“Just over a year ago yellow lines were put in place but people seem to just ignore them.

“People - parents, grandparents and carers - start to arrive at the school around 40 minutes before the school finishes just to get a safe parking place. Others just randomly abandon cars in the bus parking area and leave their cars there for up to 20 minutes while they collect their children.”

Over the years a number of different things have been tried to find a solution to the problem, however there still appears to be a problem and it’s hoped by looking at areas again following Friday’s meeting more can be done for the children’s safety.

Councillor Susan Leslie, said: “We have done little bits and pieces round this for the last six years. On this occasion we had everyone sitting round a table putting in what they can contribute. We must now try to make cross the board improvements to get a solution.”

Following the meeting last Friday an action plan will be drawn up and all the different actions that people have said they will do will be monitored.

Community Sergeant, Paul Thomson said: “Whilst we all need to work together to provide a long term solution to this, I would like to remind all parents that this is an issue about keeping children safe, it’s about their child. Parents need to take responsibility and park vehicles in a safe manner.”