Plea to rid the streets of fast-food debris

Methilhaven Surgery
Methilhaven Surgery

CARELESS locals who casually toss their fast-food wrappers away are being blamed for a rise in the amount of rats being found around Methilhill’s shopping precinct.

A joint plea has been made by a local doctor and an area councillor to remind hungry shoppers and also the area’s stores of their responsibility to keep the streets clean.

Dr Michael Ward from the Methilhaven Surgery says he feels there are far too many take-aways in the small area, which are contributing to a problem of increased vermin.

He said floors have had to be lifted up in the practice to remove dead rats while nests have also had to be dealt with.

“Rats can spread a fair amount of kidney diseases and we’ve had trouble locally over the years,” said Dr Ward.

“The last one we pulled out, let’s just say, looked as if he’d been well fed.

“It’s an expensive and time-consuming job to pulling up floors.

“There were nine food establishments next to us at the last count and we have litter strewn around; particularly at school dinner times.”

Dr Ward acknowledged some food outlets are doing what they can to prevent the issue and argued that those dropping the litter needed to take more responsibility.

His sentiments have been backed up by area councillor John O’Brien who told the Mail the entire community around that area of Methilhill needed to remain “vigilant” not to encourage rats.

He added: “We are not pointing the finger at any shop, only asking shopkeepers to keep food stored safely and for members of the public to dispose of any take-away litter in bins and not to leave unwanted food in the streets.”