Please heed our warning over housing development

4010029 SSFF banksdev protest 'Barrie Brown (extreme right) with protesters against the proposed new Banks Developments building site at Woodend Road, Cardenden
4010029 SSFF banksdev protest 'Barrie Brown (extreme right) with protesters against the proposed new Banks Developments building site at Woodend Road, Cardenden

AN appeal has gone out to Kirkcaldy councillors to see common sense and reject current proposals to build a new housing development in Cardenden.

With the end of the public consultation process on a planning application by Banks Developments to build 141 houses on land off Woodend Road reached last week, and all objections having to be lodged by last Thursday, campaigners against the development say they hope that those on the planning committee will realise the traffic dangers of allowing the application to go forward in its present layout.

Barrie Brown (77), a resident of Woodend Road, who has campaigned against Banks’ plans from the outset, explained that traffic congestion remained the biggest concern among locals.

“Residents whose homes front on to the road were refused permission for access on to this road because of the volume and speed of traffic, so how can it possibly be safer for one entrance to a housing development which will see around 300 cars using it to be created here?” he asked.

Mr Brown said the road was often congested at peak times, with five entrances on the length of the road, while the traffic from another 141 houses would make it even worse. There were also problems with speeding cars and difficulties accessing the road because of poor visibility.

“We have voiced our concerns openly from the start, but the developers have not budged one inch on the layout of the road. Even if they moved the position of the entrance yards in either direction it would be better.

“We also asked about the possibility of a second entrance to disperse the traffic, but they have said that would not be viable – which means that they would not make enough profit. And who are the ones having to foot the bill for all the changes to the road infrastructure around this? It will be the taxpayers.”

As the planning application has attracted more than five objections it will now go before a future meeting of the Kirkcaldy Area Committee, but no date has yet been set.

Colin Anderson, managing director of Banks Property Development Ltd, said: “The Woodend Road scheme would incorporate what is currently a run-down and unsightly piece of street frontage into a high quality housing development, and we’ve had a lot of interest and support for what we’re hoping to achieve in the area.

“We have conducted a detailed public consultation process, in which every aspect of the scheme has been assessed and reviewed, and we believe we have successfully addressed everything that was brought to our attention.

“We have put forward a proposal that will significantly enhance the local community, and we’re very hopeful that its many merits will be recognised by Fife Council’s planning committee.”