Roy Thomson is hoping someone in St Andrews can help him trace his younger brother and sister.
Roy Thomson is hoping someone in St Andrews can help him trace his younger brother and sister.

A heartbroken older brother is appealing to the people of St Andrews to help him find the brother and sister he hasn’t seen for over 40 years.

Roy Thomson was only nine years old when the family was split up following the death of his mother.

Along with his brother Paul, Roy was fostered shortly after her death but their younger brother and sister, year-old twins Ian and Lorna, were brought to St Andrews and adopted locally.

Roy was told they went to live with a farming couple in the St Andrews area but he has been unable to find out any more information about their whereabouts.

As their older brother, it was recommended that he kept in touch with the young twins, but this never happened.

He has been trying to track them down for over 30 years now and is appealing to the people of St Andrews for any information that might finally put his mind at rest.

“I just want to find out how their lives turned out, I don’t need to meet them or speak over the phone,” Roy said.

“I don’t think people would believe how much this has played on my mind. I have been trying to find them since I was 15.

“The reports from social workers at the time say they wanted continued contact between me and the twins but it never happened.

“My health hasn’t been great over the past few years so I’m getting more and more anxious to find out how they got on.

“Hopefully anyone with any information on them can get in touch just to give me peace of mind.

“I assume their surname would have changed and possibly even their first name as well so there is really nothing for me to go on.

“But someone might know something about one year old twins who were adopted here back in 1968. And hopefully they will get in touch.”

Roy still lives in Kelty, in a house where he keeps an eye on his childhood home just in case either of the twins show up having traced their family background.

He has exhausted all the official routes open to him and is now hoping someone in the St Andrews area who knew his younger brother and sister will come forward with information on how they grew up.

Anyone with information that may help Roy can contact him at